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(Romans 12:13)

A CANDLE IN THE WINDOW Hospitality Network

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A Candle in the Window    Hospitality Network is a      growing online, worldwide network of Christian  households delighting in hospitality. Our hope is to multiply the blessings we have experienced in our own home through hospitality as our members travel, share a meal and open up their homes to
one another.

Our mission is to provide an ever expanding online database to our members, and a secure com-munication network through  which to contact potential hosts to set up a conversational dinner and/or an overnight stay when traveling through or to 
their location.


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Do you view your home and family table as a nexus for education, worship, fellowship, evangelism, and training in servant leadership? It can be! You don't have to be Martha Stewart or have a large home to practice true, biblical hospitality. Biblical hospitality is a unique, divine assignment that pleases God, blesses the home and creates learning and serving opportunities that will stay with children for a lifetime.



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